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Robodrill D65

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco wanted to add a new twist to their commercials, creating a wow efffect around their new rock drilling machines.


Kaktus collaborated with Riviera AB to come up with a funny new take on the advantages of the new D65, drill rig. The rig itself transforms to a huge robot and makes his way from the assembly factory to a very remote spot to solve the problems in a distant rock mine.


Kaktus and Riviera shot this spot in Kirkenäs at the northen edge of Norway, we’re talking close to the north pole and Murmansk. Kaktus then created the robot and a 3D version of the drill and animated and rendered the spot.


The compositing, editing, music and sound production was carried out by Riviera AB.



Director: Kaktus Film / Riviera AB

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg / Riviera: Johan Lundh

VFX Supervisor: Andreas Wicklund

Animation: Jan Johanssson, James Hunt, Sten Holmberg

Compositing: Riviera AB

Rendering: Kim Nicosia

3D Modeling: Dan Lindqvist

Editing: Riviera AB

Sound design: Riviera AB

Music: Riviera AB

DP: Andres Rignell

Client: Atlas Copco


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