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A smart decision


Tv ad for Bisnode – market leader in the world of descision support. Henrik Henrik Film produced this beautiful film and Kaktus Film took care of all vfx and post.


The film focuses on all the questions that can build up in the everyday life of a business executive. In the film the questions takes physical form as loads of questionmarks (that’s where we come in) and follows our hero through a day in his life. The solution is of course to deal with the questions to get rid of these burdening questionsmarks (and that’s where Bisnode comes in). Voila!




Director: Henrik Hallgren

Producer: Henrik Eriksson

VFX Supervisor: Andreas Wicklund

Kaktus team: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg, Kim Nicosia, Jan Johansson

DP: Fredrik Bäckar

Production Comp: Henrik Henrik Film

VFX Prod Comp: Kaktus Film

Agency: BBDO Proximity

Agency Producer: TWOFATBOYS Espen Bekkebråten




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