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Kolibrie - Second campaign

Wernersson Ost



The second round of TV-ads for the brie cheese Kolibrie by Swedish cheese company Wernersson Ost. The Hummingbird (Kolibri in Swedish) is back and this time in three different spots. The first one sees him in a very proud moment taking his first selfie with his favorite cheese. In the second spot he counts goats as he dreams of the Kolibrie Chevre cheese. The third one finds him in a playful mode balancing on a cheese wheel. The concept for the films is developed together with our collaborating partners at the agency OSG-Stockholm and we look forward to more films in this ongoing series.




Lead Design: Andreas Wicklund

Director: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Kaktus Film/OSG Stockholm

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Animation: Jan Johansson

3D team: Andreas Wicklund, Kim Nicosia

Agency: OSG Stockholm

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