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Robot salesman




Three TV spots for the new Finnish Home electronics retail store “Konebox”. Kaktus Film did the whole production after manuscript from our Finnish collaborators at design agency Hello Goodlooking (Dynamo).

To question the necessity of no good electronics salesmen Konebox wanted to replace them with a warehouse robot trying his very best to get some salesmen skills. After realising his impossible task he summarizes the important message – Good TV, cheap!


Kaktus built a full size robot… or did we? In any case, you got to love a robot that talks Finnish!




Director: Andreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Animation: James Hunt, Jan Johansson, Sten Holmberg, Jonas Kärn

Compositing: Anton Ljungdahl, Hannes Drossel, Kim Nicosia

Rendering: Kim Nicosia, Hannes Drossel

3D Modeling: Esther Ericsson

Agency: Dynamo, Helsinki

Client: Konebox


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