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Leben ist schön




Follow up to the hit single Eisblumen and Kaktus Films second music promo for German pop-goth act Eisblume. This video is part animated, part real film and deals with a troubled young girl going through her own personal hell. Singer Ria is here portrayed in both animated form and through real film. It depicts her inner battle of leaving this world or stay in it to experience what’s beautiful in life. After battling her demons she, intentionally or not, decides on the latter.


The video was very well received by the fans and the record label. It was shot on a Red camera, animated in Maya, and posted on our Smoke system. Concept, direction and all production by Kaktus Film.




Director: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

Idea & Concept: Sigfrid Söderberg, Andreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Editing: Andreas Wicklund

Kaktus team: Kim Nicosia, Hannes Drossel, Andreas Wicklund, Per Nyman, Sten Holmberg, Anton Ljungdahl, Esther Ericsson, Jonas Kärn, James Hunt, Jan Johansson

DOP: Konstantin Freyer

Artist: Eisblume

Record Label: Universal Records Berlin

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