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Like a superstar

Shaggy feat. Trix & Flix



This is the video premier of the mascots for the UFEA football championship 2008 – Trix & Flix. The track features Shaggy and was the first official mascot song, soon to be followed up be the single Feel the rush (also a Kaktus production).


It’s an all animated piece to present the mascots in their true environment – the Swiss/Austrian alps and the Stadium pitches of the Championship. Kaktus did all production from storyline to the last rendered frame and post production. It’s a cell shaded cartoon piece that features a lot of football tricks and fancy dance moves. Our animators had a blast when choreographing the dances.




Director: Sigfrid Söderberg

Idea & Concept: Sigfrid Söderberg, Andreas Wicklund

Animation: Jonas Kärn, James Hunt, Jan Johansson, Anders Freij, Bahadir Tosun

Compositing: Andreas Wicklund, Kim Nicosia

Rendering: Kim Nicosia, Andreas Wicklund

3D Modeling: Dan Lindqvist, Robert Södergren, Kim Nicosia

Editing: Andreas Wicklund

Artist: Shaggy

Record Label: Ministry of Sound

Client: UEFA

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