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The gym shoes




Guldägg award 2005 – Best non profit organisation spot

In Sweden there are over 260 000 poor children as of today. This number is too high concidering a population of 9 million and the worlds highest income taxes. Most people don’t know this and to raise the public averness of this problem we were glad to produce this promo spot for swedish foundation ‘Majblomman’. Majblomman is a charity organisation focused on giving children of small means some economical support to help them make there everyday life a little easier.


To get the right feel for this spot director Jesper Andersson used the very unique illustrations of Knut Larsson,, combined with a real life soundbite. At Kaktus Film we made Knut’s illustrations into 3D and animated the spot with the highest concern to details and respect for the original illustrations. The very pleasing result is this low key spot with a (sur)real and documentary feel.




Director: Jesper Andersson

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Animation: Hannes Drossel

Rendering: Hannes Drossel

Compositing: Andreas Wicklund

Illustrations: Knut Larsson

Agency: Atmosfär

Client: Majblomman


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