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Mega Robot

The small adventures of a big bad bot



This project was developed as an inhouse project at Kaktus Film. Initially its only purpose was to develop our skills when it comes to photo realism but it instantly grew to a nice promotional piece for us. After having being submitted on some major 3D forums the link to the spot was sent around Internet and very fast received high appreciation around the globe with massive feedback and requests for similar projects. The first of these clips was the most viewed clip on Yahoo US at the time of it's release.


The socond clip is the follow up – Mega Robot Rampage. Even more action packed but still with that annoying little dog. This time Megarobot is quietly out and about enjoying some Stockholm landmarks when something makes him loose his temper.


The third clip is a spoof on an internet classic, the butt scratching baby monkey, but this time with a bigger fellow!


Don’t be alarmed by the childish humour, it’s all in the name of science. 




Animation: James Hunt, Sten Holmberg, Jonas Kärn, Jan Johansson

Compositing: Kim Nicosia, Hannes Drossel, Andreas Wicklund

Rendering: Kim Nicosia, Hannes Drossel

3D Modeling: Dan Lindqvist, Robert Södergren

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