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Orlinksi feat. Eva Simons - Heartbeat

Music video


Music Video for artist and musician Richard Orlinski feat. Eva Simons hit single Heartbeat. Our collaborators Woow in Paris reached out to Kaktus Film for the creation of a robot version of Richard Orlinski's celebrated gorilla sculptures to be used in this entertaining music video. Kaktus Film made the gorilla model and all animation of it along with 3D effects while Steven Liszka took care of the motion graphics and holograms.

Artist: Orlinski feat. Eva Simons

Director: Théo Gottlieb

Production Company: Woow (Paris)

Hologram and motion graphics: Steven Lizska

Kaktus Film

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Post and 3D design: Andreas Wicklund

Animation: Jan Johansson

Robot Modeling: Per Jonsson

3D effects: Per Jonsson, Andreas Wicklund

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