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Rebranding Sky One

Sky Channel



Promax Award winner New York 2006

Silverägg Award 2005 Best Design

Finalist Award winner New York festivals 2006


Total re-branding of UK’s leading non-terrestrial entertainment broadcaster Sky Channel. Kaktus Film has come up with a total design concept for Sky One, including channel idents, colour palettes, a new Sky One logo, on-air menus, promo graphics and all off-air advertising. Kaktus Film was also in charge of finding a new music profile for the channel and brought in Swedish electronica producers Pluxus to add an experimental and new twist to channel ident music. Off-air design, logotype and print material was produced by collaborating design agency Amore.


The concept has a clean and strict graphical style with a contrasting soft and organic animation. Our aim was to take the Sky One brand look to a place they hadn’t been before, contrasting strongly against the more brash content and design that had been the signum of thier previous looks. The design concept was very well recieved and awarded in international design competitions. Sky Channel, obviously pleased with the outcome, commisioned us to give the sister channels Sky Two and Sky Three the same make over.




Lead Design: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Additional 3D graphics: Kim Nicosia, Svante Segelsson

Kaktus team: Robert Södergren, Hannes Drossel

Sound design: Pluxus

Music Supervisor: Sigfrid Söderberg

Client: Sky Channel

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