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Rebranding Sky Two & Sky Three

Sky Channel



A total rebranding concept of UK’s leading non-terrestrial entertainment broadcaster Sky Channel. Following the success of our Sky One total rebranding Sky channel commisioned us to do the same make over for the sister channels Sky Two and Sky Three. We created a collection of new idents, colour paletts, menus and logos and added a twist of gradients and new layouts. The concept has a clean and strict graphical style with a contrasting soft and organic animation.


We also took care of the music supervision and this time working with long time collaborators Magnus Frykberg and Johan Skugge.




Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

Lead Design: Andreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Kaktus team: Dan Lindqvist, Per Jonsson, Robert Södergren

Sound design: Magnus Frykberg, Johan Skugge

Music Supervisor: Sigfrid Söderberg

Client: Sky Channel

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