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Brand film

Svenskt Kött


If you're going to eat meat it's a very good idea to keep it local. We made a brand film for Svenskt Kött, an association organisation with the aim to educate and communicate regarding Swedish meat and the benefits of Swedish livestock.


The film aims to clearly explain the five criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to use the Svenskt Kött label on your products and why it is a good idea to keep a look out for it when buying meat at your local supermarket. The film is focused on a clear message and useful customer information in combination with nice flowing graphics that enhances the style of the brand.



Director: Kaktus Film

Agency: Lewander & Co

Idea & Concept: Kaktus Film and Lewander & Co

Graphics and animation: Andreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Client: Svenskt Kött




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