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Ident package

TV4 Komedi



Awarded in the British D&AD Awards 2011.


Ident package produced for Swedish TV-channel TV4 Komedi. The package consists of a bunch of funny and fully animated idents where we play around with the channel logo. The logo gets physically smashed in different scenarios ranging from a penguin falling on it from the sky to a big tank crushing the logo under it’s belt.


After a funny brief from the team at TV4 we created these stylized pieces with different takes on build up, impact and new threat. Our collaborators at Riviera added the last twist by creating great sound for the idents. It’s fun to crush logos.




Director: Andreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

3D team: Kim Nicosia, Andreas Wicklund, James Hunt, Jan Johansson, Dan Lindqvist, Sten Holmberg, Esther Ericsson, Anton Ljungdahl

Sound design: Riveria

Client: TV4

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