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EURO 2012 Mascot presentation


Kaktus Film is proud and happy to once again contribute to a big football tournament as in the case of 2006 FIFA world cup and UEFA's EURO 2008.


Following up the EURO 2008 mascots Trix & Flix (see other projects on our site) Kaktus Film produced this presentation movie of the EURO 2012 mascots Slavek & Slavko. This time the championship takes place in Poland & Ukraine and the clip showcases their nationalities, their background and obviously their amazing football skills.


The launch and presentation of the mascots was held in Warsaw on the 16:th of November 2010, klick the link to see the UEFA film here: UEFA presentation





Director: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Animation: Jan Johansson, James Hunt, Erik Wernquist, Sten Holmberg, Madcrew

Compositing: Andreas Wicklund, Per Jonsson

Rendering: Andreas Wicklund, Per Jonsson

3D Modeling: Per Jonsson, Sten Holmberg, Andreas Wicklund

Additional 3D graphics: Kim Nicosia

Sound design: Riviera - Music Sound and Post

Storyboard artist: Leo "Fabpics" Sandberg

Music: Magnus Frykberg, Jonas Kroon

Character design: Max Calo'


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