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Crazy Frog

In the house                                                    



The fourth music video for Crazy Frog. This time filmed in Toronto with French director Denis Thybaud. The song and video was aimed at an american audience at has a more uptempo beat than previous releases and a rapper doing the verses and chorous.


The concept is the birth of the Crazy Frog dance. As Crazy Frog moves about town kids see him doing his normal stupid things. It just comes natural to him. The kids mimic his moves and makes it into a dance. More and more people are following the dance which is finally broadcasted across the globe. Crazy Frog in the house, join in!




Director: Denis Thybaud

Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

VFX Supervisor: Andreas Wicklund

VFX Prod Comp: Kaktus Film

Record Label: Mach1, Ministry of Sound

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