Crazy Frog

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Crazy Frog (aka the Annoying Thing): the myth, the phenonemena, the internet craze, the artist, the concept, the hate it or love it little creature. Originally sprung from the twisted mind of our dear friend/collegaue/former employee Erik Wernquist. This is the first single and video release of Crazy Frog. It completely roamed the earth in 2005. If you missed it you where either not alive or lived on another planet in the year of 2005.


The single, heavily backed up by this video, was released in May 2005. It held the no 1 position on the singles charts in 23 countries around the world that year. Straight upon release in the UK it went up to no 1 knockin off Oasis (possibly the official death of Oasis, sorry Noel) and in France it held the no 1 spot for 15 straight weeks. Kaktus Film was awarded around 20 diamond, platinum and gold records after the release. The actual song was produced by Berlin based producers Bassbumpers.

Kaktus Film came up with the concept and idea and did all the video production from manuscript to animation.


The clip video has around 3 billion views on YouTube (2021) and fan videos of all sorts. Some of them superfun as this Jamaican one and some that shows some frustration with the phenomena, like this hilarious one.




Director: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

3D team: Erik Wernquist, Andreas Wicklund, Dan Lindqvist, Robert Södergren, Hannes Drossel

Record Label: Mach1/Ministry of Sound