Crazy Frog

Last Christmas                                                                                                                



Fifth music video for Crazy Frog. This time it’s a cute but action packed Christmas tale with a blink towards the merchandise industry and a spoof of the old Disney cartoon Santa's Workshop (1932).


Crazy Frog is tricked into a trap and captured by the eveil forces. These guys have also kidnapped Santa Claus himself and turned his workshop into a factory that makes ill designed and fake Crazy Frog dolls. To have a correct print of CF they put him in a scanning device and starts the production trying to make these dolls the only available Christmas gift. Of course Crazy Frog comes out on top in the end and saves the day, and Mr Santa Claus although by misstake. Bam bam!


Around 9,2 million views on the official YouTube link when this was posted.




Director: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Sigfrid SöderbergAndreas Wicklund

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Editing: Andreas Wicklund

Kaktus team: Kim Nicosia, Jan Johansson, James Hunt, Dan Lindqvist, Andreas Wicklund, Erik Wernquist, Hannes Drossel, Svante Segelson, Alli Sadegiani, Peter Karlsson

Record Label:M1 Recordings, Ministry of Sound