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Crazy Frog

We are the Champions



The third single and video from Crazy Frog. This was released in connection with the 2006 FIFA World cup and is hence obviously football themed. Crazy Frog is dreaming that he plays a game of football against his old enemies the villian robo bounty hunters. Needless to say he kicks their asses big time.


But it’s also a comment to the Crazy Frog hysteria around the world. In a long dream sequence he meets armies of himself, marching after him. Everyone is out to get him. He goes completely nuts and in pursue of the FIFA trophy he ends up flying through warp space and is finally consumed by himself. All to the choirs of a blue army of himself singing “We are the champions”. Spaced out!




Director: Erik Wernquist

Idea & Concept: Sigfrid Söderberg, Erik Wernquist

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Editing: Mikael Lindgren

3D team: Kim Nicosia, Erik Wernquist, Dan Lindqvist, Hannes Drossel, Johan Ramström, Svante Segelson, Alli Sadegiani, Robert Södergren

Record Label: Mach1, Ministry of Sound

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