Crazy Frog




This is the second music video and single of our little friend Crazy Frog (aka The Annoying Thing). Selling millions of records and having high chart positions, including a number of no. 1 postions, and literally billions of views on YouTube this one was hard to miss. In France this single went number one only after knocking off the first Crazy Frog single Axel F which had held the position for 15 consecutive weeks. Popcorn continued this streak by another 10 weeks whilst Axel F stayed in no 2. Popcorn was released on August 22 and premiered with a choreographed performance on Top of the Pops in the UK and was performed again a few weeks later in Universal Studios Singapore.


Kaktus did the whole video production including idea and manuscript as well as all animation and 3D production.




Director: Andreas Wicklund

Idea & Concept: Andreas Wicklund, Sigfrid Söderberg, Erik Wernquist

Producer: Sigfrid Söderberg

Kaktus team: Dan Lindqvist, Per Jonsson, Tommie Löfqvist, Andreas Wicklund, Hannes Drossel, Robert Södergren, Johny Ljungstedt, Erik Wernquist

Record Label: Mach1, Ministry of Sound