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Coachella 2014

We went to the Coachella festival this year for some inspiration and boy did we have fun. Our favorite art feature this year was obviously the gigantic astronaut that roamed the fields this year. Musically it was amazing as always, here are some thoughts:

- Future Islands were great, the dancing and singing of their front man is just awesome.

- Pixies, gotta love them. Old man/woman coolness. This year’s New Order...

- Empire of the sun. Scissor sisters on steroids, unexpectedly good, lovely visuals.

- Overhype of the year, a little man in a big hat but (that’s Pharrell folks) but e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y was there. Seemed a bit unfocused musically but you can just not deny his multi talent.

- Darkside, oh Darkside, the best act of the festival. It's was big and super suggestive. The build ups, the visuals and their uncompromising spirits. Psychedelics for a new millennium.

- NAS. First of all, we love NAS and he was amazing. But just when we thought we had it all he brings up Lauryn Hill on stage. Thank you NAS!

- Aluna George, that's a girl, yay!

- Sweden was very well represented by The Knife and Little Dragon. Real stuff, way to go us Swedes!

- The Sahara tent. Same dub step rhythms over and over again. Get over it!

- Beck surprised us a lot by simply being overall great. Big time pro!

- And the biggest concert of the year was undeniably Arcade Fire. Damn that was big.

- And hey, if you wanna have an amazing time even off the fields of the festival, stay at the Ace in Palm Springs, but ya’ll knew that. See you next year Coachella!

End of report.

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